We still have to wait for the Outdoor money to be refunded

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Several of our readers in Vásárhely complained to our editorial office that they had not received back the price of tickets for the Szeged Outdoor Games purchased for this year, although they had reclaimed it. We contacted the organizing company and were informed that redemptions could only take place after the official publication of the Prohibition Decree and the detailed rules.

As it is known: due to the coronavirus epidemic, mass events cannot be held until August 15, so it is impossible to hold a Szeged Outdoor Event. This season of games.

The non-profit Ltd., which organizes the games, then issued a notice stating that spectators would have three ways to redeem tickets. The first is to give them up, thereby supporting the operation of the company. The second is to make their tickets available for free use, which they can validate at an arbitrary performance next year, and the third is to reclaim their money paid this year.

One of them wrote that he called the Ltd. on the phone on May 4, and received the answer that the development of the IT system would be completed by May 10, so be patient until then. However, he has not received the price of the tickets since he became interested in the matter again on May 11.

We contacted the Open Air on the subject, which informed them that preparations had begun for the return and exchange of the purchased tickets. “We are waiting for the ban and its detailed rules to be officially published, and although our colleagues and I have prepared for the ticket, we will only be able to start exchanging and redeeming this season's tickets,” he explained.

So for the time being, those who have to wait they returned their money.

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