What did Karla Panini do now? It's trending again on Twitter

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Mexico .- Since the early hours of this September 1, the comedian and “former laundress” Karla Panini, has been the focus of attention and trend in Twitter .

The reason, the constant joke of users who speak that one of the most respectable traditions of a Mexican is to blame Panini for everything.

Los memes videos, Reminders of the “betrayal” of her friend Karla Luna for having stolen from her husband, and the blame for almost everything that happens in Mexico, have been the issues that have stood out this morning against the comedian who has become today to the Christian religion.

Thus it was that memes flooded the network, and the Panini trend continues to be promoted in the network of “El Pajarito”, Twitter.

Everything indicates that the simple fact of existing already puts Karla Panini in the public eye, the past haunts her and the Mexicans have no mercy.


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