What do the stars have for you today? Find out with the predictions of this Tuesday, August 18

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Mexico.- This Tuesday, August 18, find out what the stars of destiny have prepared for you, on issues of love, money and work. [19659002] Aries

The planet that will rule you this week is Mars and as you are the first sign of fire you are characterized by being very happy, with an outgoing personality and you offer your friendship in a sincere and helpful way. You stand out as an entrepreneur because when you work for someone you don't like to be sent, that's why you always look for freedom in your actions, but the negative is that anger and uncontrolled anger make you prey very quickly and that causes problems with people what you want the most, that's why you always need to control yourself in everything you express. You buy clothes for an important event. Your parents are looking for you to invite you on a trip at the end of the month. You process your passport or other documents. You fix your house.


The planet Mercury will rule you and, because you are the tireless worker, you will always achieve your honors on your own merits. You are the first sign of earth and that makes you very realistic in everything that you propose and the organization always leads you to be a good manager of your assets; you characterize yourself for being the best friend and the pillar of your house and you always help others to solve their personal problems. Your values ​​are honesty, sincerity and conservatism. You should beware of problems with the police if you go to a social event. You buy clothes and change your look. You process a loan for a new car. This August 17, I recommend that you wear a blue candle for your protection.


Venus is the planet that will rule you, which means that your sign is in a stage of rebirth of your energy and growth work, so do not miss the opportunities that are presented to you, just keep in mind that it is good to have confidence, but not too much and less at work, because there everything is competitiveness. If you are in a relationship, try to understand that love does not end, it only moves from place to place. Take care of nerve and back problems, relax and continue exercising. Sometimes you go through strong situations and a lot of pain, but your sign is made to withstand the tests that life puts on it. Be careful at work, you will face conflicts.


The planet that will dominate your sign these days is Uranus, which indicates great optimism in your professional environment and surprises of new loves in your life; This planet is the futuristic one and next to your sign it says that you must make strong decisions to change your life for the better; For example, if you love your partner and form a home, if not, better finish and meet people more compatible with your sign such as Libra, Scorpio or Pisces. Also this planet will give you luck in a matter of extra money through a past payment and a job bonus, but you must be careful with fraud and shady deals; always pay attention so that they do not see your face.


This week the Sun will rule your sign, so they will be days of responsibilities and of facing your fears in life, that is, leaving behind indecisions and striving for a better future. You will also have a week of meetings and changes in your work environment, so you need to prepare a new project for you to develop professionally. The star king tells you to remove obstacles in your life such as bad friends or loves that only take away your good luck and to better select the people around you. You process a loan for a house. You change your look. Be careful with waist or back problems.


Pluto will rule this week in your sign, which represents the transformation and positive changes in your life, that is, leaving behind everything that was hurting you and starting a new episode of entrepreneurship. Your sign together with Pluto implies that it is time to start that business that you have in plans or that you make the job change that you want so much, and you must keep positive thoughts in the face of adversity, that will help you always achieve success. Singles will meet a very compatible love of the sign of Sagittarius, Aquarius or Aries.


The planet Mercury will direct your life during this week, which is that of communication, and as your sign always seeks perfection, these days you will have new ideas to be better professionally and open the doors of success. This planet also has its dark side such as envy and greed, so you must control yourself and not let those feelings invade your spiritual being. They propose you to move to another city, that will help you feel freer and stronger.


The planet that will dominate you this week is Jupiter, the one that governs optimism and pleasant surprises; That is, it is your time to have the victory in your hands, so do not miss the opportunities, you must be attentive to all the possibilities that arise in the workplace and put aside what they will say. There will be sudden changes in your work and personal environment, you must be serene to make the best decision. Be careful with stomach and intestinal problems, continue with your exercise routine and your healthy diet.


Your sign will be ruled by the Stars, so your magnetic personality will intensify; You are very strong and you stand out as a great leader capable of enthusing others, you are endowed with great positive energy that infects almost everyone and you solve any problem that comes your way. Sometimes your way of being leads you to be cruel and realistic, because you do not realize that the other signs do not have that energy capacity, and that is why you tend to be like that. By nature you are always on the move, you don't like to follow the same line for a long time and that helps you achieve success in everything you do.


Saturn will be the ruler of your sign during this week. that gives you a very strong and controlling personality, but at the same time your upright and hard-working mentality makes you a great businessman and political leader; The negative of your sign is that a lawsuit lasts a long time, that is, you do not know how to ask for forgiveness and you do not recognize your mistakes, that is why you are almost always very decisive in your love life. Your ability to command and direct projects you as a boss or director at work, but sometimes you fall into pride and that causes you to stumble in your professional life. This week you will fix all your stationery and bank accounts.


The planet that will rule you is Neptune, that of ingenuity and the sales skills of the Zodiac, which is why you become a great promoter of commerce and human well-being. You almost always stand out as an administrator or lawyer because of the strength you have to develop your intellect, you also have qualities as a businessman and you are good at saving, that is why you always achieve your material goals in life. You are very sociable and cheerful, but you must be careful not to fall prey to vices, that is why you must measure everything you consume and avoid excesses. In love you love to conquer and woo your love, that is why you almost always have a partner by your side.


The Moon will rule you this week, that is why you will be very emotional and deeply sensitive, and more because you are the last water sign in the Zodiac and you almost always make decisions through your intuition. Your sign is the most psychic and that puts you ahead of others, but mistrust in yourself leads you to constantly sabotage yourself, so you need a guide to help you achieve success. At work you are good as a teacher or doctor. Be careful what you eat, try to be more suspicious at parties or gatherings. Your partner will remain close to you and they will be very in love, so enjoy your relationship. Pay your credit cards so you don't have past due debts.

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