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Geneva, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) The World Health Organization (WHO) advocated for the safe return of children to schools, once restrictions were lifted due to the Covid-19 pandemic that affects 185 today countries.

WHO Secretary General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus recently stressed that the decision to close schools should be 'a temporary last resort' and be implemented locally in areas with intense transmission of SARS-CoV- two.

'We all want children to return to school and we all want schools to be safe places, for this the governments and families must work together, he stressed.'

In a virtual meeting this Tuesday with holders of the Fund of the United Nations for Children (Unicef) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Adhanom recalled that, nine months after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many questions remain regarding to the way in which Covid-19 can attack children and adolescents.

'Although minors tend to have a mild picture of the disease, serious or even fatal cases have been reported and the effects are still unknown long-term infection in these groups', he stressed.

However, he asserted that the interruption of education has' devastating consequences' for the whole society as a whole, therefore, it is of vital importance that minors can go back to schools.

Adhanom acknowledged that 'there are no zero risks', but with proper implementation of measures, children can be protected from contagion and learn that health and education are the' most precious goods in life '

According to data from Unicef, in some countries schools opened; but in some places, one in four schools still does not have a date for reopening.

'25 percent of the countries still do not have a date for going back to school, with the negative effects of prolonged closures caused by the pandemic imply for education. The agencies dedicated to health, children and education urge governments to give priority to reopening schools by investing in safety and health protection measures, 'says another United Nations report.

Unicef, the UNESCO and WHO highlighted the work that teachers and schools have done in the months of the pandemic so that children continue their learning, at a distance.

Meanwhile, they pointed out that progress during that period depended on the capacity of the systems to adapt to distance education and some countries have the resources and infrastructure to do so, but others do not.

Therefore, they reiterated the importance of investing in all aspects of education in the context of the pandemic: training of teachers, physical and digital infrastructure, adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities.


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