With the help of TSMC, Japan would run chip production

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Japan plans to revitalize the local semiconductor market in Japan with the involvement of a leading chip manufacturing partner, including TSMC in Taiwan, the local press reported over the weekend. The goal of local manufacturing stimulated with the involvement of a foreign partner is not to make Japan a (re-) chip-making superpower, but rather to national security considerations.

Yomiuri Shimbun, citing anonymous government sources, said the Japanese government’s multi-billion dollar would support a chip maker willing to build a plant in the country with local market players through a $ 1 billion incentive program. It is not yet known when the government envisages when the joint work can begin, as not even the selection of the potential partner (s).

production line at one of the renesas plants

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However, according to the report, Japan wants to achieve that the world's largest contract chip manufacturer, Taiwan's Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC, would build a factory in the country together with one or more local players. At the request of the Taiwanese press, TSMC denied that the company had received any requests from Japanese partners or the government for any joint venture initiatives, but the company did not rule out the possibility of such cooperation at a later date.

TSMC announced just in May this year, to build a plant in the United States with an investment of $ 12 billion primarily to serve local chip designers. The investment is due in part to the overwhelming lobbying power of the Trump administration as the U.S. government makes every effort to reduce the industry's and the country's dependence on China.


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