You can download the Microsoft Family Safety application

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The Microsoft Family Safety application is publicly available: the app for parents aims, among other things, to control the time children spend in front of the display and to track their geographical position. The app was launched with a preview tag as early as spring, but now the company has also announced a stable version that will be available on both Android and iOS systems – along with Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles.

they can get reports on their children’s online activities, including the most commonly used apps and games, all the time spent in front of the screen, and frequently visited websites. If, based on the results, kids spend too much time with one app, it is possible to limit them individually and set daily time limits for favorite games, social media platforms, or other services, for example. In addition to the above, the Family Safety app includes a set of filters that can be used to restrict online search results and other content in the Microsoft Edge browser interface, preventing, for example, children from straying into adult sites. The app also allows you to set a manual blacklist – although the latter two features are currently limited to Android, Windows and Xbox platforms, but Microsoft is already working on the iOS solution.

The solution also monitors children’s purchases in the Microsoft Store, from which the service automatically sends a confirmation email to parents before the transaction takes place. In addition, the geographical position of all family members can be continuously monitored in the application. The Redmond giant promises that the app will give you complete control over the handling of user data, and the location information will not be sold or shared with third parties in any form.


Microsoft Plans The Family Safety app will be added with additional capabilities in the future, and in the coming months, it will also receive two premium features targeted at Microsoft 365 Family subscribers. One such feature will be Drive Safety, with which the app monitors user behavior while driving and makes suggestions for improvement, and the other is Location Alerts, which alerts you when family members arrive at or leave a pre-set location. Family Safety is now available on Android and iOS.


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