You don't like comparisons! This successful young woman hates being equated with other singers

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United States. – When talking about male singers, comparisons are not made as much as with women, and I am not very confident that people compare me with other singers, said Katy Perry during an interview.

She mentioned why men are never compared to each other, but she has received comments that compare her with artists such as Taylor Swift Ariana Grande and Lady Gag a.

“We never see Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes fighting, you don't read about Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber fighting, do you? You never hear that, ”she said during a podcast.

She indicated that any female artist has had her comparisons every day. Do you want to read my Twitter comments? No, it's not like that, because it's like, “who is better than who? Who is thinner than who? Who has sold more number 1s than who? Who is doing better this year than who? Who did this much more?… Well, well, what if I just like music? ” she asked.

Perry also said that she is competitive, but “I am not competitive with women. I am competitive with myself because I want to be successful, I care about my art. ”

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