You haven't seen anything like this before: dumplings were grown in Vásárhely!

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Already last year he visited the national media to grow Róbert Papbert from Vásárhely. This year, the young man came up with another specialty: he made a dice from one of the copies of the fruit, which has never been seen before in Hungary.

The Pap family in Vásárhely has been growing melons in Hódmezővásárhely for decades. As recently reported, 12,000 Greek and melon seedlings are currently grown. Róbert Pap became famous last summer for the country's first dice melon, some of which he made this year based on a foreign pattern.

– I bought cube-shaped templates in which I put the little melons in for three weeks to pick up the shape pretty slowly. I thought I had already experienced the mysteries of the process last year, but this year, too, keepers broke as the fruits stretched them as they grew. However, I managed more than I didn't: I currently have eight dice melons, 15 centimeters high and wide, and about 4 kilos, the primary producer inaugurated.

 He has never seen anything like this: dice melons were grown in Vásárhely! 5

The grower also tried a novelty that no one in the country had yet: glued dots to one of the templates, according to the numbers on the dice. This melon thus developed with a number from one to six on each side. Róbert Pap even made sure that the sum of the opposite sides was seven – just like on a real dice.

 He has never seen anything like this: dice melons were grown in Vásárhely!

The ripeness and taste of the special melons – mainly due to the rainy weather – lags behind its traditional peers. “That's why these pieces probably won't be on the market, but I'll give them away.” And I use the dice as intended, because we throw them together with friends at a garden party. It’s good for a throw, and it’ll be like the riddle: if we throw it up, it’s green if it falls off, it’s red – smiled the grower, who is likely to make diced melons this year. Experts have been waiting for the first local watermelons to hit the market by the end of the month, but this will be postponed to the first week of July. The biggest dumping is expected in the middle and end of July.



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