You may be granted permission to purchase Fitbit by Google with a voluntary restriction

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A voluntary commitment could create a $ 2.1 billion acquisition of Google and Fitbit in Europe, announced last November, Reuters reported. An anonymous news agency told Google that it would not use Fitbit user data to target ads – all in the hope that the European Commission's competition authority would shake the deal in the second half of July.

Acquisition of Fitbit hit hard on almost every continent so far, and in most regions, no competition authority decision has been made to allow the business. Various competition and data protection agencies and authorities, as well as legal and non-governmental organizations, have primarily pointed out that the most personal data of some 28 million users will not necessarily be in good hands at Google.

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When announcing the transaction, the buyer did not accidentally try to state that the infrastructure behind Fitbit's services will remain the same, ie the fitness data of about 28 million active Fitbit users stored in the cloud will not be transferred to Google's data center. change. Google has also sought to point out that the acquisition of Fitbit is primarily about acquiring hardware competencies so the company can compete more effectively with Apple, which has almost 30% of the wearable devices market.

decide on the approval of the acquisition and the need for any further action. The parties have until 13 July to make a voluntary commitment to convince the Commission that the acquisition is not contrary to EU competition law. If this fails, the protocol may result in a comprehensive study lasting at least four months.


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