Youtuber ‘Juanito Sirenita’ dies | Direct line

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Mexico .- The theater actor Héctor Mickeith best known for giving life to the YouTube character ' Juanito Sirenita ', died this Monday.

It was also youtuber Gabriel Montiel, ' Werevertumorro ', who reported the death through social networks.

“I don't know where we are going when we go. I hope we can see for a while what happened after we left and if so, this dog was a dick and always with all the attitude to get ahead. Thanks for everything @Hectormickeith we will miss you and I love you friend. RIP, “he wrote on Twitter.

In his Instagram stories he assured that Héctor was one of his dearest friends, who had moved on “Despite everything.”

“He was Juanito on my channel. Héctor had a problem since he was born and it gradually became a little more serious and today he passed away, “he said.

The character of ' Juanito Sirenita ' gained popularity when a video went viral on the one who gets upset when they make fun of his taste for 'The Little Mermaid'.

“That is an insult to me. For you it will be rubbish, but for me it is a genius ”, he assured in the video.

At first it was believed that 'Juanito' was real, but later it became known that it was a creation of Héctor Mickeith who continued to appear alongside 'Werevertumorro' as such a character.



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