Zergegida was born in the Szeged Game Park

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The first of the Hungarian zoos was the chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) born in the Szeged Game Park. ] The zergs of the game park arrived in February from the zoos in Košice and Innsbruck, the kid was born on May 19.

Reproduction of chamois in the zoo is a rarity, as specimens of the species are cared for in only 15 zoos around the world, a total of about 100003. ] The goat-shaped double-toed hoof lives in the high mountains of Europe, from the Alps to the Caucasus. Climb the steepest hillsides with agility that belies gravity, thanks to its strong leg muscles, joints and flexible, spreading hooves. The most common subspecies is the alpine chamois, but some of its isolated subspecies, such as the Tatras and Carthusian chamois in southern France, are considered endangered. Thanks to the generous gift of Emperor Franz Joseph, chamois live on the southern island of New Zealand in addition to Europe and Asia Minor.

The contrasting pattern of the 110-130 cm chamois serves to hide it and gives it a unique, pleasing appearance. Their heads alternate in black and white, making it look like they’re wearing a mask. The rest of their bodies are similar in color to bucks weighing 20 to 60 kilograms and females weighing 15 to 50 kilograms: light brown with a black stripe on the back in summer and almost completely black in winter. The elongated hair on the necks and tails of the animals is ruffled in a state of excitement, this well-known “chamois feather,” a trophy even more popular among hunters than the horns.

Both sexes are characterized by a backward-sloping horn that, unlike other terns slightly hooked.

They live in flocks of several females and their offspring, migrating within the territories of the bucks, for which they fight fierce battles. Females last 24-26 weeks, they usually feed one, rarely two babies for six weeks, until they start grazing on their own.

Photo: Lajos Endrédi (zooszeged.hu)


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