Zoom has come up with a standalone video conferencing tablet

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Zoom launches dedicated, all-in-one video conferencing hardware to target both home and business customers. Using a tool called Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, the company would make it easier to use the video metering service, the Zoom application pre-installed on the large tablet promises quick and easy access to online meetings.

Zoom has partnered with DTEN to launch the latter company provides the hardware that hosts the service. It’s essentially a sizable, 27-inch-wide tablet that’s about to hold three wide-angle cameras and eight microphones. The company has tried to make the user interface that can be used on the touch screen as simple as possible, and the device can be used in minutes: after switching on, it is enough to enter the pairing code via the Zoom website or mobile application and the device is ready to use. “/>

The Zoom for Home tool can also be connected to users' calendars, in which case the dates of the next meetings can be clearly displayed on the device in a sidebar. Although it is a standalone device, notebook or smartphone screen sharing is also available from the tablet, for which the device uses ultrasonic pairing.

SYSADMINDAY starts on Friday!

On the afternoon of July 17, operators will be Mayal on the breezy Danube bank. Come you too!

SYSADMINDAY starts on Friday
On the afternoon of July 17, operators will be Mayal on the breezy Danube bank. Come you too!

The device can be used with any Zoom Meeting license, so in addition to paid, corporate packages, users of the free, Basic design can also use it. The DTEN-branded, dedicated Zoom tablet is now available for pre-order for $ 600 net and is expected to be available from August this year.

manageable, dedicated video conferencing tools. These include Neat’s 65-inch digital collaboration tablet and sound system, and Poly’s cameras. Of course, the latter can also work with the recently announced Zoom for Home.


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