Zoom soared in the last quarter

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Zoom also split in the quarter that ended in late July, with the company known for its videomeeting service firing more than four times the value reported last year, up 355 percent. According to the company’s newly released financial report for the second quarter of its 2021 business year, based on its own calendar, this represents revenue of $ 663.5 million, coupled with a profit of $ 186 million. The latter is also an amazing jump from the same period last year, when the company’s profits were around $ 5.5 million.

The success was driven by a drastically increased customer base, the growth in Q2 was Kelly Steckelberg, CFO of Zoom 81 percent was due to new customers, including names such as ExxonMobil and Activision Blizzard, among others.

As the company reported, the second business quarter At the end of the year, it had more than 370,000 companies among its customers with more than 10 employees – a 458 percent increase over the previous year. In addition, the company’s 988 customers have already contributed more than $ 100,000 to revenue in the previous 12 months – which is also spectacularly 112 percent higher than in the same quarter of the previous business year.

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One of the most defining technologies of the next decade could be the container management platform.

Why do you need to know the Kubernetest in 2020? (x)
One of the most defining technologies of the next decade could be the container management platform.

Of course, forced telecommuting and distance education due to the global coronavirus epidemic continue to play a significant role in Zoom’s rapid growth, which autumn school start can put another shovel on. Although the sudden success in the first half of the year highlighted Zoom's non-negligible security issues and, in some cases, highly misleading communications, the company has been working hard to remedy them – and as can be seen, users are not only persisting in service, their base is unbroken. is also growing with momentum

After an excellent Q2 performance, the company’s expectations for the full business year have also become more optimistic, expecting annual revenues of $ 2.39 billion instead of 2.37, an increase of 284 percent from a year earlier. The company expects revenue between $ 685 million and $ 690 million in the third business quarter.


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